DE Wine

Wines with character.

DE Wines is a trading company in wines based in the Rhône Valley in the South of France. It was founded in 2005 by Daan & Elvire Vandykman, wine growers on Domaine de Marotte. Daan & Elvire started their Winery Domaine de Marotte in 1997. They are both wine growers producing their wines themselves. They produce red, white and rosé wines from organically grown grapes. The production is 12,000 cases per year (140,000 btls.) with 85% of their production being exported to Northern Europe.

Due to a growing demand for quality French wines and a shortage of their own wine production of Domaine de Marotte, they decided to start a small specialized quality wine trading company, DE WINES. Daan & Elvire have a very special approach when selecting wines for clients being wine growers themselves. They believe in selling honest, well produced wines directly from the wine grower.

They specialize in two areas.

Slow Wine

These are wines which are produced on a small scale in a traditional and ecological method, preferably from organically grown grapes. No additives or production methods are used to accelerate the wine making process. The wines are purchased in bottles directly from wine growers.


Daan & Elvire can provide blends according to the specifications of a client. They purchase wines in bulk and take care of blending and bottling in order to provide wines in bigger quantities with constant quality.

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